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DJ Leeds: Preferred Vendor at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California!

The Flower Fields - Ceremony Location

I am writing this blog post today to tell everyone how excited and honored I am to now be on the preferred vendor list at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California! A very cool venue for weddings and events to begin with, Flower Fields is now a premier spot for events in San Diego, California!

They just finished improving their event space, which includes a very nice barn (modern, clean, and spacious) along with a great ceremony spot and some cool areas for cocktails/dinner/drinks outside with market lights, fountains, and all kinds of beautiful things that add to the ambiance of the venue!

The Flower Fields - Cocktail Area

In my opinion, The Flower Fields is about to become one of San Diego's top wedding venues, due to their attention to detail and efforts to beautify their space for fabulous and elegant weddings in 2018 and beyond! Jackie Fuhrman is your go-to contact for events at The Flower Fields and she is awesome!

Make sure you check out this venue and consider having your wedding there before the place gets completely booked up! It will not be long before that happens if they keep up the good work they have been doing! Make sure to visit The Flower Fields Official Website:

Call Jackie to schedule a tour of the event space, and let me know when your wedding will be! I would love to be a part of your ultimate wedding vendor team at The Flower Fields! I could not be more proud to be on their list of preferred vendors, and I hope to be there for your wedding to help make it the best day of your life!!! The Flower Fields and DJ Leeds both look forward to hearing from you! -David Leeds (aKa DJ Leeds)

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